Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Latex Masks may Determine Next USA President

With the Presidential Election around the corner, consumers are buying up latex Halloween masks in the likeness of their favorite candidate. This is no new trend. Every election year, presidential Halloween masks are top-sellers in the costume industry. Not only are these latex masks a popular Halloween item, they have been very consistent in determining the winner of the Presidential Election.

Since 1980, the best selling Presidential Candidate Halloween mask at Annie’s Costumes has been the candidate that wins the election. This means that we actually may know who our next President is by Halloween. Latex masks, the Barack Obama mask and John McCain mask, are in high demand this time of year and retailers are doing everything they can to keep them in stock.

Not many political analysts have been able to successfully predict every election from 1980 to today, but Annie’s Costumes did. We will soon see if Annie’s costumes will maintain their track record of predicting the President based on sales of latex Halloween masks.

As of today, the Presidential race is close, according to Halloween mask sales. Barack Obama and John McCain masks have been selling quite evenly, with Obama having a slight lead. There are only a few days left until Halloween, so if you feel strongly for one candidate, buy their mask and you may be contributing to their success at the election.


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