Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miley Cyrus spent $24,000 on hair

Miley Cyrus spent $24,000 on hair
Just recently, teen pop singer Miley Cyrus opted to forgo her long hair extensions for the look here. Now, she’s gone and spent thousands on getting her long hair back.

Reportedly, Miley spent $24,000 just on getting her hair just the way she wants it. According to a source, “Miley bought the best hair possible, and then had it dyed to match hers exactly. Her hair is an investment.”

For that amount of dough, is it any surprise that Miley reportedly had the extensions flown in from Italy to New York? She then had them delivered to hairstylist Kristina Barricelli at New York City’s expensive Gemini 14 salon (which also services Brandi Irwin, the woman who spends $47,000 per year on her hair). From there, Miley’s new hair — and her hairstylist — were flown to L.A., where it was put on.

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