Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miley Cyrus Proud likes to get compared with Britney spears

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus has revealed she took Katy Perry's labelling of her as 'Britney Spears all over again' as a compliment.

The California Gurls singer is alleged to have made the comment backstage at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto last month, Life & Style reports.

'She's definitely headed the Britney route. It's worse. Look at those outfits. It's bad,' Perry is alleged to have said about the Can't Be Tamed performer.

Reflecting on the comparison the Hannah Montana star said: 'I try to look at everything in my life as positive. So I can either look at it and say it's negative, and look at the things she's done wrong, and say, 'How can someone compare me to her?'' Hollywood Life reports.

The 17-year-old performer went on to explain she was not upset by Perry’s description because she chose to reflect on Spears' many successes.

'I could be the positive person and look at all the amazing history that she's made, and the things that she’s accomplished,' Cyrus said.

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