Sunday, May 24, 2009

Miss Bollywood IPL South Africa Dune Kossatz all Hot Pictures

Dune Kossatz, a leading model and actress of East London was named Miss Bollywood IPL South Africa at a glamorous event at the Montecasino entertainment complex on Sunday, May 24 morning.32-yr-old Kossatz, garnered the most Internet votes of 48 finalists selected from each of the IPL games held at various South African venues.

She will get an opportunity to do screen tests for a movie with Shahrukh Khan as part of her prize package.Johannesburg Business Marketing graduate Genna Cloud, 24, who got the second greatest number of votes, was also named First Princess by the panel of judges and Dunay Nortje was crowned Second Princess.

After winning the title, Kossatz said that she would learn Hindi. "I think it's really great! I think we should all stick together and love one another and be respectful and tolerant of each other," she said.

Kossatz, who represented Chennai Super Kings, said she was disappointed with her team losing in the semifinals but said that she was proud of the fact that she represented MS Dhoni-led side in the contest.

Kossatz received a specially made crown from Gitanjali Jewellers in gold, silver, diamonds encrusted with other precious stones from former Miss Universe Michelle McLean of South Africa.

The event was yet another feather in the cap of Indian Premier League and an extra cause for celebration to add to the huge success of the tournament that culminated with the final at the Wanderers here today.

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