Monday, May 11, 2009

Guy Threatens to Kill Barack Obama to get Kareena kapoor (Exclusive)

A guy from Aurangabad,Bihar,India has threatened to kill US president Barack Obama,if he doesnt get Kareena Kapoor.The guy,named Ranjan Kumar is in love with Kareena Kapoor since a very long time.The guy also tried to visit Kareena Kapoor many times in her home.But the guards did not allow him.Finally he called The US Ambassy and threatened to kill President Obama.

The call was made 5 days back.After getting the news from the US Ambassy the DGP of Bihar Police.the guy was arrested immediately.Surprisisngly,police has come to know that the guy knows the phone numbers of not only US ambassy and presidents,but also the numbers of other countries president also.The tried called several times to thses numbers for help.But after being refused by them he took this "filmy" step.

The Police is suspepcting that the guy is mentally disturbed.But since no such evidence is found from his past activities police is continuing the interrogation to make sure.After all,it is a question of US President's life after all.

Let's see what happens.

Source:This report has been published in a Bengali Daily newspaper Anandabazar Patrika,on 11 th May 2009

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