Sunday, September 13, 2009

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Be the first to read Dan Brown’s new book The Lost Symbol

His rip-roaring best-seller The Da Vinci Code was a global literary phenomenon, enthralling millions with its thrilling storyline and fascinating decoding of some of the world’s most famous buildings and artworks.

Now Dan Brown has done it again with an incredible new story, The Lost Symbol - still featuring the Harvard Professor of Religious Symbols, Robert Langdon and more breathless chases through secret societies, codes and hidden meaning.

Soon The Lost Symbol will be selling in hundreds of thousands, but you can be the first in the world to read it.

Today The Mail on Sunday will publish an exclusive extract – and you can get an amazing £7 off the price of the book!

If you loved the Da Vinci Code - the book or the film - then this is an absolute must-read for you…

Be the first in the world to read Dan Brown’s new masterpiece, The Lost Symbol, only in The Mail on Sunday today.
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