Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FREIDA Sizzles in Spicy Music Video

She is under the spotlight as her video, with several sizzling shots and moves,
featuring Canadian singer- song writer Dal Hothi climbs up the popularity charts.

Freida's video stint is creating big a buzz in the global arena. UK- based newspaper - The Asian News -
has described her video with a prominent headline - Slumdog star Freida Pinto in hot music video.

Freida's latest hot act has become a favourite with netizens. One of Freida's fans has writen:
"Such a hot video, man but the guy (Dal Hothi) is ugly. Freida can get a better man in the music video,
come on guys, what do you think?" The Slumdog Millionaire girl shot for Hothi's number while she was
wrapping up Danny Boyle's film in Mumbai. Last year, the pop singer touched down in Mumbai to shoot the
glamorous song from his latest Bhangra- rock album, Indian Groove. It's not surprising to note that several
girls auditioned for the role of Hothi's "lover" in the video, titled I Promise You but Freida turned out to
be a clear favourite. Hothi had no idea of Freida's impending super success.

The buzz suggests that Freida informed Hothi about her role in Slumdog and also invited him on the sets.
But the pop singer, apparently busy with his musicrelated assignments, turned down Freida's offer almost immediately.

Reports suggest Hothi failed to contact Freida till February till a co- worker helped him strike the connection.
Soon enough, Hothi worked on an English version of the video to give Freida more visual space.

Hothi feels he never thought Freida had such a big role in Slumdog.
He had always felt she had a bit role with a smaller part.

On not visiting the Slumdog sets, he felt bad since it would have
been an awesome experience for him.

"I looked it up online and wow, she's become a big deal… How many other people in the music industry,
at my level, can boast they have an actress in an Oscar- nominated film in their music video?
That's huge," Hothi told Vancouver Sun. Surely, it's a huge thing considering Freida has turned out to be the tenth
sexiest woman in the world for 2009 as declared by FHM magazine. She is the only Indian beauty to
have made it to the illustrious list topped by Cheryl Cole.

The Mumbai girl is busy shooting for Miral in Israel before she
starts working in Woody Allen's next film.

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