Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deepika Padukone: FHM Valentine Girl - Feb 2009

Deepika Padukone the silver screen goddess has been in the media glare. Deepika has covered the entire spectrum of Bollywood graph, taking the highs, the lows and the in-betweens in her long long stride. Deepika Padukone Sizzles on Cover of FHM February 2009 Edition.
Check her films – Om Shanti Om, double role. Chandni Chowk To China, double role. There is something about Deepika that makes everyone crave for more. Her directors feed their greed through double roles. And we are following in their footsteps with FHM cover double role? After all, the industry loves her. We love her. You love her. And the least we could do for you is ask her to be our Valentine and grace the February cover. She obliged with a smile. And that's when we decided to break that “I am boring” lie. With no film questions as the basic brief, we unravelled the enigmatic temptress called Deepika Padukone. Read on to discover the sunny side of this reluctant superstar...
You are going places as far as you films are concerned. Both figuratively and literally. So tell me, does Deepika the simple girl who loves simple pleasures of life enjoy travelling in real life as well?

I enjoy travelling especially for holidays. In my profession, I generally travel on work because of which I don't get to enjoy a place the way I would as a tourist. But I love exploring new places, especially when I have good company.

We get the hint. But let's not get into the 'good company' bit . We guys hate reality. Especially when it bursts our fantasy bubble. So let's humour the notion that each one of us Deepika fans fits the bill called 'good company' and focus on the 'where' rather than the 'who with...'

I think Kerala and the backwaters are beautiful. Also, I'm a Mangalorean, so I love coastal areas. Be it the Konkan coast or Goa. Given a choice, I would also love to explore North India. When it comes to northern India, I would love an adrenalin pumping trip. I would love to go trekking, rock-climbing, river rafting, the works. When it comes to travelling internationally, I love the south of France. It is beautiful.

Wow! Adventure sports. Now, that exactly the kind of travel buddy we guys love. Of course, sports runs in your genes. So, you love travel. But what kind of are you? Do you like the impulsive, no strings attached hitchhiking type back packer travelling or its it only luxury travel for you?

Actually, depends. It's a mix of both. Working for long spells is very demanding. And if I have just finished doing a film and want a real break, then I prefer a relaxed and stress free experience. So, that is the time I like to get pampered. Spas, resorts, the works. But if I am feeling really adventurous and am not too tired, I love adventure and exploring.

A lot of women are taking to traveling alone or in groups of girls. As an actor, you must be travelling on your own quite often. But apart from work, have you tried traveling solo?

Ya. The first time I travelled alone was when I finished 10th grade. I went to Denmark for 3 months. My parents lived there for 6 years and I was born there, so we have a lot of friends and family. During the 3 months, one of the families I was staying with took me on a road trip to see the rest of Europe. We drove for 15 days and covered Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland and South of France. It was an amazing road trip.
Woah! Euro trip at just the right time in life. Lucky you! So, take a pick. What are you - beach person or a hill person.

I am definitely a beach person. I love the sun, the sea and the sand.

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