Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hilary Duff: Young Hot Hollywood 2009 - Maxim Photo Shoot

Hilary Duff has scored four multiplatinum discs, starred in a few box office hits and had a major merchandising enterprise spring out of her star-making Lizzie McGuire TV series. Hilary Duff is the cover girl of Young Hot Hollywood special edition of Maxim Magazine January 2009 issue. Here is the interview highlights.

On her image makeover for ´Reach Out´:
I was ready to do something different. The intent was not to be overtly sexual; I´m not naked. I do have little shorts on in it - but I also wear giant tutu. It´s good to show different sides of yourself.

On changing hair color:
I love changing my look and my image. I found that people treated me differently with dark hair, so I kept it for a while. It´s great to explore being different people. Blondes definitely get treated in a more protective way.

On her new movie choices: I see an acting career lasting longer in my life than a singing career. I´ve been thinking of the long term. Greta is an indic picture, which I love. The character´s obsessed with suicide. She´s funny and artistic and impossible not to like. I felt like I related to her exactly - minus the suicide part. In Safety Glass I got to work with Steve Coogan, who is so interesting. Guys like John Cusack and Coogan are just so smart, so cool - I had crushes on both of them. Oh, and Stay Cool is really funny. I got to play this girl trying to seduce this older guy - so fun to do.

On earning $ 15 millions anually: Every year´s different. But I´ve had good years like that.
On being single: I´m a relationship person. Now it´s all over the Internet that I´m getting engaged to my boyfriend. The truth is, I just like to wear rings.
On the worst thing ever written about her: I´ve been accused by the press of giving lap dances at clubs. I mean, little ol´ me? It´s shocking. People love to believe it - it´s way more exciting to talk about than the truth. And they´re so descriptive about these lap dances. I don´t even know how to do a lap dance.

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