Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kareena n Saif in The Public Eye - LoveBirds Captured in L.A

After accompanying Saif on the sets of Imtiaz Ali’s film in London for about a week, Kareena had gone to Los Angeles to shoot Kambakht Ishq with Akshay Kumar while Saif continued shooting in London. The lovers were separated again by work. But now, Saif is also headed to the US.

However, this time it is not exclusively to be with Bebo (as he has done umpteen times in the past) but to shoot the second schedule of his first home production with Imtiaz Ali in San Francisco.

While in the US, though Saif and Bebo won’t be in the same city, whenever they miss each other all they have to do is catch a flight and they could be together again within hours.

In fact, the buzz is that Saif deliberately planned a US schedule for his movie because he knew that Bebo would be shooting there around the same time. However, director Imtiaz Ali denies this. He says the US schedule was planned long way back.
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After the US schedule, the film’s shooting would be about 90 percent complete. The remaining portions will be shot in North India. The movie stars Deepika Padukone opposite Saif.

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