Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello -A movie Based on Chetan Bhagat's One Night @Call Center (Story and Wallpapers)

The Author -Salman Khan

The Author and the girl in the train(Salman and Katrina)

Shaym and Priyanka (Sharman Joshi and Gul Panag)

Military Uncle (Sharat Saxena)

The Connexions Team

The Connexions Team

Party time at Bed

Vroom and Vakshi

The Story

This film is based on Chetan Bhagat's book One Night @ the Call Center Hello... is a tale about the events that happen one night at a call center. Told through the views of the protagonist, Shyam, it is a story of almost lost love, thwarted ambitions, absence of family affection, pressures of a patriarchal set up, and the work environment of a globalized office.

Shyam(Sharman Joshi) is losing his girl friend because his career is going nowhere as he trudges his way around in a call center. His girl friend, Priyanka(Gul Panag), is also an agent like him at the call canter who is about to be snatched by an NRI tech geek who works for Microsoft in America.

There is also the aspiring model, Esha(Isha Kopikar), who is hoping for the break that seems to be always already eluding her and the man about town, Vroom(Sohail Khan), who is into well, things. The housewife, Radhika(Amrita Arora), who is constantly at the receiving end of her mother-in-law and a beleaguered grandfather, Military Uncle(Sharat Saxna), who has been barred from interacting with his grandchild make up the rest of the call agents who see their worlds crumbling around them as the decisions of right sizing are conveyed by Bakshi(Dilip Tahil), the boss.

It is a night when dreams will finally crumble. Or will it? For there is that call from God. Narrated as a tale within a tale as a beautiful woman meets the author narrator and promises him a story on the condition that he has to narrate it further, Hello, based on Chetan Bhagat's one night @ the call Center, is the one remarkable story from Tales from a Thousand and One globalizing, urban, Indian Nights

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