Friday, April 11, 2008

What is Private Domain Registration?

All domain name owners must include contact information in their domain name record; however, you don't have to make this information public.

Yahoo! Private Domain Registration allows you to conceal your personal information from unwanted solicitors by listing contact information for Yahoo!'s domain name registration partner, Melbourne IT, in place of your own registrant, administrative, technical, and billing contact information in the public WHOIS database. Your own contact information will remain associated with your domain in Yahoo!/Melbourne IT's database but will not be made available in the public WHOIS. Learn more about why this information is required.

(Please note that the registrant name and anonymous information such as your domain name servers will remain public. Furthermore, be aware that Melbourne IT reserves the right to disclose your contact information to comply with laws and other regulations as it deems appropriate. Learn more.)

Yahoo! Private Domain Registration is available with all new Yahoo! domain registrations and certain other domains registered through Yahoo! If you'd like to activate private registration for a domain you have purchased elsewhere and redelegated for use with your Yahoo! service, please contact your domain registrar and ask about the availability of this feature.

Please note that due to restrictions surrounding .us domain names, private registration is not available for domain names with the extension .us.


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