Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woman is woman

If you are well dressed,
She thinks you are play boy.
If you are not,
She thinks you are a begger.

If you kiss her,
She thinks you r not a gentleman.
If you don't,
She thinks you are not a man.

If you praise her,
She thinks you are a lier.
If u don't she thinks,
You are good for nothing.

If you visit her often,
She thinks u are boring.
If you don't she accuses,
You for double crossing.

If u visit another girl,
She accuses you for being cheat.
If she is visited by another guy,
She says "oh..! its natural! we are girls..!

If you propose love within a brief time,
You are a freash guy.
If you propose love later,
She wonders why

If you are jealous,
She says its bad.
If your not she doubts ,
Your love and is not glad.

If you attempt romance,
She thinks you don't respect her.
If you don't,
She thinks you don't like her.

If you listen ,
She wants to talk.
If you wanna talk,
She also wants to talk.

Oh women..! you are so simple,
Yet so complex....

You are so weak,
Yet so powerful.... .
Your so confusing ,
Yet so desirable!

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